Making Ethereum climate positive

Experimental climate infrastructure for web3. Trade climate positive NFTs, plant real trees and analyze historical carbon emissions.

2,590 kg
CO₂ offset

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Trade NFTs that integrate with SEEDCHAIN to plant trees or offset carbon as part of each transaction.


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This Time It's Forever by Rue Asher
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50% mint + 5% royalties go to planting trees. Subject to change. Coming soon.


Analyze the pre-merge transactions of any ETH address to estimate its CO2 emissions.

Want to know your impact?


SEEDCHAIN is an experimental climate and impact infrastructure for web3, born out of a desire to give NFTs a greater purpose and contribute to the climate crisis.

Our primary focus is enabling NFTs to create compounding impact as they trade - the more they trade, the more impact they have.

Long-term, we want to create new kinds of climate and social impact financing systems via NFTs, crypto and innovations still to be discovered.


We are currently a small self-funded team of 1, me, Chris Villa. Before this, I was a developer at P4SD, and I still run and Measured.

If you're interested in working together or collaborating, please reach out via Discord.


All comms is best done via our Discord server. You can also reach us on Twitter.