SEEDCHAIN is experimental software and these docs may get out of date quickly. Please join the Discord server for up to date information and support.


airdropToHolder(address contractAddress, uint256 tokenId, uint256[] types, uint256[] amounts)


Mint a number of tokens for each given type for the holder of a particular NFT in an ERC721 contract.


  • contractAddress (address): Address of an ERC721 contract
  • tokenId (uint256): ID of a token in the provided contract
  • types (uint256): Array of impact types to mint
  • amounts (uint256): Quantity to mint for each type


  • sender to match contractAddress or Seedchain owner. In the future, this will include deployer and owner.
  • types and amounts to be arrays of of equal size
  • Value to be sent that matches the total price for all projects. See getPrice().


seedchain.airdropToHolder{value: price}(
    0xbc4ca0eda7647a8ab7c2061c2e118a18a936f13d, // Contract address for Bored Apes
    7537, // A token within Bored Apes
    [100], // An array containing each impact type to mint
    [1] // Quantity that we're minting for each impact type