SEEDCHAIN is experimental software and these docs may get out of date quickly. Please join the Discord server for up to date information and support.

Impact Routers (closed beta)

Impact Routers are the easiest way to contribute to Seedchain projects, offering a no-code solution for both new and deployed contracts.

An Impact Router is a deployed PaymentSplitter. All funds sent to an Impact Router are split between the deployer and Seedchain project based on a ratio specified by the user.

For example, if the contract specifies that 90% of funds should go to the deployer, and 10% to planting trees, then the deployer will be able to withdraw up to 90% of funds that the wallet receives, but no more. Seedchain will be able to withdraw the remaining 10%.

Impact Routers are transparent and completely trustless as they are deployed and controlled by the user. This makes them a safe and secure way to route funds to a Seedchain project.


We expect Impact Routers to be most commonly used by NFT collections as a replacement for their treasury wallet, receiving all royalties and ring-fencing funds for Seedchain.

Registering your Impact Router

Once an Impact Router has been deployed, it must be registered with the Seedchain Observer to watch for payment events. This enables Seedchain to withdraw the funds and process the impact, minting the relevant Seedchain tokens.

If you forget to do this, we will be unable to withdraw funds or process your impact.

Request access

Impact Routers are in closed beta. To request access, please ping us via the Discord.